How to set up CallSwitch Communicator 6 Mobile App [Android]

How to set up CallSwitch Communicator 6 Mobile App [Android]

To set up the CallSwitch Communicator to your android phone follow the below steps:

1. Go to your "Play Store".

2.Tap on the Search bar and search for "CallSwitch Communicator 6"

3. Tap on "CallSwitch Communicator 6" with the blue logo

4. Tap on "Install".

5. Go to you emails and find an email that has been sent to you from your company and has a subject "{YOUR COMPANY'S NAME} account details". (For example "Amicus Networks - Subject: Amicus Networks account details")

6. Open the email and scroll down until you find the QR code.

7. Go back to your phone and click "Open" after the installation is complete.


8. Tap on "Scan QR", tap on "ALLOW" and scan the QR that you found on your email from step 6.

9. Tap on "Login"

10. Set up a new password and tap on "DONE". Your password must be at least 8 characters long, contain at least one number, one lowercase, one uppercase and one special character. (For example: q!643gNe)

In case your password is not strong enough you will see the below alert message on your screen.

11. Tap "ALLOW" to the permission alerts that will pop up

12. To let CallSwitch Communicator utilize the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature, on the "Persmission needed" pop up alert tap on "OPEN SETTINGS".

13. Find "CallSwitch Communicator" on the list and tap on it.

14. Tap on the switch button to enable "Allow Do Not Disturb"

15. On the pop up alert tap on "Allow"

16. Your CallSwitch Communicator App is ready to use